Cuisine Royale Heading to Xbox One in 2019

Earlier today, Gaijin Entertainment and Darkflow Software announced that their Battle Royale, MMO Shooter Cuisine Royale is launching on Xbox One later this year, and is currently playable as part of the Xbox Insiders program.

The game which is already free to play on Steam, originally started as an April Fool’s joke, but it picked up enough traction from players, to warrant the decision to be released as a full standalone game, back in 2018.

The announcement describes Cuisine Royale in a way you’d expect any Battle Royale game to be announced, as an MMO shooter that features the highest level graphics and most detailed weaponry, blah blah blah. We’ll skip past that and to the more interesting tidbits that make it stand out.

Darkflow Software states that the game has the most honest loot box setup of any game out on the market today, in that they are scattered around the battlefield and are free to open. The loot boxes are labeled with a 100% drop chance of what is said to be inside.

Okay, big whoop, loot boxes have stuff in them, but …what kind of stuff?

In Cuisine Royale, the items in the loot boxes are not just cosmetic, they actually provide some benefits to your character, as in equipping an IV bag will provided boosted health regeneration, and a pair of glasses will improve your accuracy. The next part, is what puts the kitchen warfare in Cuisine Royale. Similar to some other Battle Royale games where you may use a frying pan to bat away bullets, in Cuisine Royale, you can deck yourself out head to toe in kitchen utensils, such as a crockpot for headgear, a wok for a chest plate, and a griddle to protect the family jewels.

It all sounds a little silly, but I will say the graphics do look pretty nice. I’m personally not big on the Battle Royale thing that’s taken over gaming these days, but to each their own. Cuisine Royale does seem to have favorable reviews on Steam, so I look forward to Xbox gamers being able to get their hands on this and see what destruction they can scramble up. Ha. See what I did there? Anyways, here’s some more pictures.