Dick Wilde 2 Coming to PS VR in February

Okay, so I missed out on the first Dick Wilde game, but after seeing this trailer, I’m signing up for Dick Wilde 2, to give me some fun, redneck times on PS VR.

Today, publisher Playstack announced that the highly-anticipated sequel to the original PS4 and PC VR title, Dick Wilde 2, is dropping this February for PS VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, along with new features and most importantly, cross-platform co-op modes.

Dick Wilde 2, continues the adventures of the exterminator extraordinaire himself, as he takes on mutated wildlife critters caused by a massive toxic waste spill. He enlists the aide of apprentices, (aka, you the player) to help him take on the mutated pests with an assortment of weapons ranging from gravity guns, to AI assassin drones and lightning infused arrows.

As mentioned, the big change in the sequel is that cross-platform play is now available so both PS4 and PC gamers can play together. This also includes online VR co-op, which will utilize the Playstation Aim and Playstation Move support, to further enhance the experience for PS4 players.

I’m hoping to get a review copy for PS VR soon, so I can do a full shootin, hootin n tootin review when it comes out.