E3 Recap: Destiny 2: Forsaken

So, I’ll be honest, and say I’ve been on and off the Destiny train, for a while now.  I pre-ordered the original Destiny when it came out on PS3, I played both the alpha and betas of those, I also waited in line at midnight at the local Gamestop, and was even on the local news about it.  It was great, it was a new and exciting adventure.

And so, eventually it was released, I played it, played it some more, played it a little more, then I got bored, and never touched it again, after about 7 months.  I don’t know why, I just was tired of it.

Fast forward a while, and I got back into it, and picked it up again, when it was re-released on Xbox One.  Same thing, play, repeat, get bored, repeat, play again, then stop.    This went on for a while, until Destiny 2 came out.

I picked it up shortly after launch, and got back into it.  The story, felt much more interesting this time around, and I was enjoying the gameplay again and even dabbled more in the PVP, but, still I got bored for a while, which brings us to E3, and why I’m excited for Destiny again.

A few days before E3, the team at Bungie, unveiled their plans for Year 2, in the form of Destiny 2: Forsaken.  The game’s story is planned to take a darker turn, and you can one of the reasons why, in the trailer above.  RIP Cayde-6.

Now, the new storyline is neat, but I won’t go into too much of it here.  My point for this post, is actually the new PVP/PVE game mode, Gambit, which is being released with the launch of Forsaken.

So, we got to play this, during E3, at the Activision booth, and HOLY SHIT, it’s fun.  So, basically you compete, in two teams of 4, except you don’t exactly fight each other, but you instead fight waves of the different enemy factions.  Each team has their own map, where enemies will spawn.  For every enemy you take down, Motes will drop, that you then collect, and turn into the machine on the map.  Basically, you’re working to see how fast your team can turn in Motes, and summon the Primevil.  Whichever team summons the Primevil first, and defeats it, wins the match, so it’s a game to see which team works better together, to hunt down the enemies.

As you play, you can collect and submit Motes in any amount, but if you submit, say a batch of 5 motes, you can send a blocker to the other team.  Basically the blocker, is a medium strength enemy, that will spawn on their map, making their efforts to win, a little harder.  If you submit more Motes, you can actually send one your players, or your “Invader” to the opposing team’s map, to fight them, as an extra blocker, that’s where the PVP part comes into play.

Long story short, Sam and I played a series (we won, by the way) and we both really enjoyed it.  She’s not big on shooters, but she definitely enjoyed the Gambit mode, and now she’s talking about buying Destiny and getting caught up, so needless to say, we both had a lot of fun with the new mode, and are looking forward to it’s addition to the game.  I would have liked to get some video or photos, but there was a strict “no photos of the screen” policy at the Destiny booth, so you’ll just have to take my word for it, that we were there.

The good news, is that Destiny 2: Forsaken, will come with a level boost, which will allow new, or old players, to quickly level boost to be able to enjoy the new content instantly.  Destiny 2: Forsaken, arrives on September 4th, on PS4, Xbox and PC.