Valkyria Chronicles 4 Release Date Announced

SEGA announced earlier today that we can expect to see Valkyria Chronicles 4 on shelves, on September 25, 2018, so just a few months away.

The game was announced last fall, but we only got an official release date today, and a few new screenshots and some tidbits of story, to help fans with the wait until September.

The story takes place in the year 1935 EC, in the countinent of Europa, which is split in a war between the Empire and the Federation. Players take control of the Commander of Squad E of the Federation, and fight alongside their allies, in an attempt to turn the tide of the war.

The game is releasing on all three major consoles, PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch, and it will also come in two versions, the Launch Edition and the “Memoirs from Battle” Premium Edition, also available for all three consoles.

The Launch edition is available for Pre-Order now, and comes with a controller skin of Ragnarok, the Medic-Dog. Each console version comes with it’s own unique skin for that console. It’s priced around the usual $59.

The “Memoirs from Battle” edition comes with a 100 page artbook, a collector’s box, a vinyl statue of the Hafen tank, and two side missions featuring the characters from the original Valkyria Chronicles. It’s priced around $99.