More Final Fantasy Titles Coming to Switch and Xbox One This Year

I’m a few days behind on this, but figured I’d post it anyway in case anyone has missed it, but later this year in April, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One gamers will get their chance to play Final Fantasy X/X-2 and Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age.

It comes as no surprise with Nintendo’s success with the Switch, that we’ll be getting more Final Fantasy titles popping up on the portable console, so it’s nice to get Final Fantasy X/X-2 on the go…..again, well, that is if you got it on PS Vita a few years ago. Bringing the titles over to Xbox One is a no brainer as well, considering how popular World of Final Fantasy MAXIMA turned out on the console.

It looks like the anticipated release date of the X/X-2 port will be released for both consoles on April 16th, with XII coming a little later on April 30th, which is kind of nice on the wallet, gives you a couple of paydays to pick up both if you want them.

Not sure if I will personally be picking up either one, since I still have my OG copies of all three games around here somewhere, and already got both remasters for the PS4 and the Vita, so it may be a bit of overkill if you already have those. However, if you never got a Vita, but have a Switch, I’d highly recommend picking up X and X-2 to have on the go. I honestly am one of those weirdos that was never a huge fan of Final Fantasy XII, however. I did get the remaster for PS4 however, because, well, it would be a complete slap in the face to not appreciate Fran’s uhh, ears, in glorious remastered HD.

You can pre-order Final Fantasy X/X-2 for Switch now, and it seems to be running around $49.95 at most retailers. My guess is the price would be the same for Final Fantasy XII as well for both consoles, at least before and at launch.