Square Enix Opens Pre-Registration for Guardian Codex

This morning Square Enix announced that pre-registration is now open for an upcoming multiplayer mobile RPG, titled Guardian Codex.

The game is a free-to-play RPG, planned for a fall release for both Android and iOS.  Square Enix states that Guardian Codex features console quality 3D graphics, a multiplayer battle system, and last but not least, a deep and engaging story.story-img

Based in the year 2030, the world is split between two forces, the Resistance and the Empire.  Players venture into the “Codex” which is a virtual world, in order to track down the Guardians, long thought to be extinct.


The official Guardian Codex website features a pre-registration page, where players can learn about the various in-game bonuses available, and the different rewards that will be added as more players pre-register.

Those who follow the official Guardian Codex Twitter or Facebook page will be automatically pre-registered.

H&D thoughts:  I don’t play very many mobile games, especially since the market seems to be so flooded with so many card games that are marketed as RPG’s.

If you give me a legitimate RPG that isn’t based on some sort of card game or tower defense type mechanic, I’ll be game to try it out.  Like with most game companies, you can’t blame Square Enix for adding another title to the mobile market, as that’s pretty much a cash cow in this day and age. The trailer looks like a decently playable game, just depends on if your phone can handle it.


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