Review: Antigraviator (PC/Steam)

With all the busy times the last two weeks, with preparing to go to E3 and actually being there, we did find about an hour or so of time, to check out a new Wipeout-inspired racing game for PC, titled Antigraviator.

If you’re looking for something that reminds you of F-Zero, or Wipeout, then Antigraviator is going to be your go to bet.  The game is actually the very first title developed by up and coming studio, Cybernetic Walrus, but they do a decent job at delivering the goods when it comes to futuristic racing.

The game is actually quick and to the point, like its racing is.  As soon as you start up, you’re placed in the tutorial race, where the basics of the game are explained, such as how to drift corners and barrel roll to avoid traps and obstacles.  Once you’re done, you get the main menu where you can start the campaign, hop into a quick race or race online against others.

If you go through the campaign mode, you can unlock more options for customizing your ride, to make it a little more unique to you.  Overall the gameplay is pretty straight forward, and definitely cures the itch for some fast paced futuristic racing, but I’d say the controls may be a little tricky on keyboard, so a controller may be a bit easier, especially if you want to get the drifting down pat.

The visuals are absolutely beautiful, and the music does exceptionally well at fitting in with the futuristic theme, though I will say the music can be a bit repetitive, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The game also comes with an online multiplayer, which does offer both Ranked and Casual races.  We managed to hop into a few ranked races and have a good time.   You may sometimes be waiting a bit for opponents, but that’s somewhat expected since the game is just a couple of weeks old.  Once more people hop on, I don’t expect there to be much of a wait.  With that said, the studio has stated they’re working hard on both PS4 and Xbox One versions, so hopefully cross play will be allowed, which will bring a much bigger audience.

Overall, it’s pretty straight forward, but that’s a good thing, considering that anyone playing this, is likely wanting to hop right in and get to racing.  I feel the soundtrack could be a bit more fleshed out, but other than that, I enjoyed my time playing Antigraviator.  I will circle back ground in a couple of weeks and hope to see more people playing online, but I definitely recommend, even the campaign mode so you can customize your ride before you hop online.

I will give it a 4 out of 5.    Definitely check it out, it’s currently available on Steam for $24.99.