E3 is Upon Us!

Long time no see, everyone.

Next week, is the Grand Daddy of them all, E3 Expo.  We’ll be out there yet again this year, our first time back since 2016.

Here’s kind of a brief rundown of what we have planned for the week, and what we hope to see.


We’ll be arriving in LA on Sunday afternoon.  We’ll be missing the the Xbox Conference, and unfortunately the Bethesda Conference, however, we will be at EA Play Sunday around 6pm PT.

The big thing that we’re looking at from EA, and I think everyone else is too, is Anthem.  We’ll hopefully have some hands on time with Anthem, and maybe get a chance to hear from the Devs and find out what we can look forward to when Anthem finally hits shelves.  We may also take a gander at Madden 19 and NHL 19, if for nothing else, to see if we get free hats again 🙂


Monday morning is pretty much open, unless something changes, but we’ll probably be heading back to EA Play for a little while, or maybe wandering down to LA Live, to see what is set up there, as Microsoft supposedly has some things set up for Xbox, outside of LA Live/Staples Center.

A little later that afternoon, we will be attending our first event as press, for the week, as PC Gamer was nice enough to invite us out to their PC Gaming Show at The Wiltern.  Not sure what all will be presented there yet, but Square Enix is a partner of the PC Gaming Show, so we’re hoping that means we’ll get our hands on some new Tomb Raider stuff, or at least get to see something.

After that, not sure what we’ll be doing.  No word on the Playstation Briefing as of this writing, so doesn’t look like I’ll be making a return trip to that.  The location of that presentation seems to be under some sort of embargo.  I’ve heard conflicting reports that invites were sent out months ago, but I don’t personally know anyone (who’ve been several times) who has received an invite this year, leading me to believe it may be a streaming only event.


The show officially begins, and we’ll be part of the herd of people pouring into the doors of the show floor to see all the new and neat stuff.  Security is apparently beefed up this year, so may be a longer wait to get in the door.  Around 3pm that afternoon, we’re scheduled to take the new Smash Bros for Switch, for a spin over at the Nintendo booth, so that’ll be pretty neat.


Pretty much the same as Tuesday. Just roaming the show floor, and catching up on anything that we’ve missed.  The last time I went, I went all three days and still didn’t see everything.  With the larger public crowds this year, I figure we’ll actually get to see even less this time around.

The idea is to update things on twitter and here on the website, as the week progresses.  Maybe I’ll have something cool to cover, or maybe I’ll get the big scoop on something.  Doubtful, but one can dream.