Preview: Stellar Overload (Steam Early Access)

French indie game developer Cubical Drift, recently announced the Steam Early Access launch of their game, Stellar Overload.


The game has been available for the past year as an early alpha version, available to Kickstarter backers, and a growing community of around 20,000 players.  With the release of the game on Steam Early Access, the rest of the world can now finally get a glimpse of the game for themselves, while still in development.

Stellar Overload provides a mix of adventure and building gameplay mechanics, along with a sci-fi storyline and some RPG like elements.  The best way I would describe it would be something like Minecraft + No Man’s Sky, but without some of the negativity of NMS.

The environments in Stellar Overload are pixel worlds that have their own progressively changing atmosphere, as well as their fare share of enemies and puzzles, that the player must get around with the use of their jetpack and block-throwing tool.

The game features both a single player and a co-op experience, where players will have to combine their building abilities to their advantage to build the world around them that they want to see.

I got a chance to play it for a couple of hours this weekend, and I am enjoying it so far, though I wish it had a few more features, that hopefully we’ll see in later builds.

From the start, you wake up and you’re asked to go find your brother who has gone missing.  I wandered around for a bit on the blocky world I start out on, and talked to a few different villagers and the village elder to track down some clues about where he could have gone.

I ended up wandering to the edge of the planet, and kind of hop over to the other side, where I was immediately greeted and blasted away by the Imperium Machina villains who are equipped with laser guns.  Luckily if you die, you are quickly respawned as you are a (spoiler alert) clone!

The visuals are definitely very Minecraft-esque, and I’ll say that while admitting, that the only time I played Minecraft was on an iPad in an Apple Store once, for about 5 minutes.  The music in the game is very beautiful, and I like the atmosphere of it.

Overall, I’m liking it so far.  I’m curious to see what new features will be added as the development as the game progresses.  I will say, you may need some beefier specs to run it, which kind of surprised me.  I’m running Crossfired R9-270x’s, and have 16 gigs of Ram, and I’m getting a little below 30fps on the Ultra settings of the game.

I’ll have more updates on it in the future, as I get to dive into it, but I’d say, if you like Minecraft and Space-type adventure games, I’d say check out Stellar Overload on Steam, while it’s fairly cheap.







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